The first sentencing of a builder for unsafe asbestos removal under new regulations

Asbestos is an extremely dangerous product which can endanger the life and health of people. The past days, an unqualified and unlicensed builder from Christchurch ended in court for sentencing. Richard John Knight of RM Solutions has been fined for unsafe asbestos removal, the first sentencing under strict new rules around the dangerous material.

The District Court fined the builder with $3000 after finding he was unlicensed and unqualified for an asbestos removal job, part of a house demolition in February 2017.

The builder did not have the removal license required for the job and did not safely manage the asbestos risks during the demolition by failing to decontaminate equipment used in the demolition, failing to wear appropriate protective gear, and allowing others to enter the house without protective gear. Also, the property owners were cheated into thinking he was licensed to do that special work.

For doing that work, the builder needed a Class A removal license, but he decided to flout the law. The worker has experience in the construction industry and in demolition, but he was not licensed to manage the removal of asbestos. Nor had he obtained the required certification for the work he completed.

New Zealanders do not need deceitful and dangerous workers, and these sorts of people can’t work in the construction industry.

The Southern Cross Asbestos Removal Ltd team hold your safety and the safety of your community in the highest regard. We are New Zealand qualified, licensed, authorised and are highly experienced in the industry, dedicated professionals in asbestos detection, removal and disposal. We understand the harmful effects that asbestos can have on health, so we complete every job with extreme attention to detail.

We are aware of the dangers of this mineral, and this first sentencing under new asbestos regulations proves us once again that we do our job very well in accordance with the law and respecting people’s health and safety.

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral made up of many strong fibres which are heat, chemical and fire resistant. It is a proven carcinogen and can cause a range of respiratory problems. Asbestos was widely used up until the 1980’s when its use was gradually stopped due to the health risks. Still, it can be found in many places, houses or buildings.

Take care what company do you hire if you suspect any asbestos in your home. A qualified, licensed and highly experienced team will protect you and will finish the job with extreme attention.

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