Trust the team at Southern Cross Asbestos Removal Ltd to hold your safety, and the safety of our community in the highest regard.

We are New Zealand qualified and are highly experienced in the industry, the team at Southern Cross Asbestos Removal Ltd are dedicated professionals in asbestos detection, removal and disposal. We understand the harmful effects that asbestos can have on health, so we complete every job with extreme attention to detail. We can supply all paperwork associated with asbestos removal in commercial and industrial properties. Our New Zealand team is highly skilled and experienced in asbestos related services.

We specialise in removal and disposal of asbestos in Residential, Commercial and Industrial properties for:

  • Re-build, Renovations and Demolition
  • Decontamination
  • Thorough removal of asbestos & contaminated waste from soil
  • Post asbestos removal independent checks
  • Air clearance testing & issuing of reoccupation clearance certificate
  • Enquiries regarding difficult or complicated asbestos related issues
  • Emergency call outs

Southern Cross Asbestos Removal Ltd has current and complete insurance coverage for all staff and eventualities that may occur.

Inspection / Identification

A certified, asbestos removal expert will come out to your New Zealand property and conduct a professional inspection.

You can trust that Southern Cross Asbestos Removal Ltd will leave no stone unturned in the search for asbestos. We include surrounding fences, under buildings and any other material found on the property.

Southern Cross Asbestos Removal will give you accurate advice on the risks associated with any levels of asbestos found on your property.

We will also make sure you have a clear understanding of the removal options available to you. Southern Cross Asbestos Removal Ltd provides all clients with an independent comprehensive report and recommendation. Southern Cross Asbestos Removal Ltd offer a range of asbestos services, if you suspect any asbestos in your home or work give us a call today!

Removal and Clearance

For complete peace of mind, contact Southern Cross Asbestos Removal Ltd in New Zealand today!

Southern Cross Asbestos Removal Ltd has a strong commitment to the New Zealand community and will always carry out asbestos removal in a safe and responsible manner. Our utmost priorities are the protection of our own workers, other contactors and workers on site, the general public and the environment. 

To achieve this we adhere to The Guidelines for the Management and 
Removal of Asbestos 1995, coupled with our own strict professional safety 
requirements of our clients. We are accredited with major Builders in New Zealand and we operate under many Governing bodies. We are members of the NZDAA and our staff are continually educating our staff with world recognisied qualifications and undertake update training (BOHS W504 and Site Safe).

We work closely with the Department of Labor to ensure all relevant problems regarding job specific variations are noted and approved as safe practices and methods to meet our clients requirements.

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