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User sites are remediated the same way as meth labs as the chemicals and toxins are identical whether cooking or using.
If you suspect your property or a new home, you are buying or renting has been a meth lab or had meth users present, you can pre-test for the presence of methamphetamines.

Clandestine methamphetamine (meth) labs and user occupancy have been a growing problem in New Zealand. In recent years the number detected by the New Zealand Police has increased dramatically.

Typically, after a lab is discovered by the New Zealand Police, the bulk of any lab-related debris, such as chemicals and containers, is removed. However, contamination may be left on surfaces and it is able to absorb into furniture, floors, walls, clothing, furnishings and children’s toys. Exposure to these harmful chemicals used in the production of meth can cause a multitude of health issues.

Decons can be costly! With our experience in hazardous waste removals we can offer you sound advice and free competitive quotes.

Methods of Decontamination

  • Demolition Method
  • Internal strip out
  • Harsh Chemical Decontamination
  • Detergent Method
  • Foaming/Fogging Method
  • Combination of above

These methods are carried out under strict Health and Safety guidelines and full PPE equipment is to be worn. All hazardous waste is to be disposed of accordingly.

Southern Cross Asbestos Removal specialise in the clean up and remediation of meth labs in residential properties, sheds, hotels and short term accommodation providers.

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